Club Night REMINDERS 1st February 2017 This months meeting was our Annual General Meeting  and Chairman Paul Simmons welcomed members and thanked them for their continued support and loyalty….more> March Competition subject : Motor Home or Camper. This months guest Chris Pearse from Chris gave us a  great talk on a local club for radio control  enthusiast’s who enjoy the  thrill of banger racing. The club meets at the Chaddlewood Farm Community Centre Plympton. click on the logo above to go to  their website. Above some of the race cars. Chairman Paul has a go. Thanks to Chris who gave us an entertaining and informative evening. His enthusiasm was catching and if your interested, contact the club, you are guaranteed a lot of fun for all the family. Next Diecast Club meeting:  Wednesday 5th April.  Competition subject: Taxi or Private Hire                                                               car. 3rd MAY 2017 Competition Subject :  Model or toy at least 25 yrs old. 7th JUNE 2017 Competition Subject: Model of a vehicle you used to own. Winner Denis & his Ford Prefect. Paul Phil Barry Tony Bill’s Offering Andy’s Offering

Paul told the members that our two yearly Toy Fairs continued to provide revenue for the club.  Paul asked if there were any members who would like to stand for the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary posts and as there were none the current club officials were re-elected. Paul mentioned that the clubs Christmas meal which was free to members and held at the Beefeater Marsh Mills was a success. Paul was able to tell the members that Taff at Oxford Diecast had agreed to produce 25 models with a special 25th Anniversary wrap for the clubs special occasion in September of this year. Paul proposed that our annual donation to a good cause could for this year be chosen by Taff as opposed to the members in recognition of his help with our anniversary model. This was agreed by members. Finally Paul suggested that instead of the club financing the Christmas meal this year, we bring our meal forward to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. The meal would be free to members and this was agreed by the members present.


Treasurer Clive Langman presented the accounts for 2016 to the members which showed the club to be in a good financial position at year end. Clive said that as we would be celebrating the clubs 25th Anniversary in September, the club should expect there to be additional expenditure to celebrate this milestone in the clubs history.

Secretary Dave Dixon thanked members for their support and asked if any members would like to join the committee to help discussion with new ideas ect to continue to make our club evenings and events interesting. On that note, Dave said that all members could help by coming up with suggestions. At the end of the evening Dave received two offers to join the committee. Dave said that the membership had stabilised at 20 members and that we needed to look at ways to attract more members to ensure the future of the club. Again the club welcomed any suggestions.  

The club is looking forward to another successful year.

There being no other business the meeting was closed.

AGM report February 2017 continued Competition subject : Motor Home or Camper. 1st March 2017 Winner : BARRY Denis Dick Phil Brian Dave Competition subject : Taxi or Private Hire Car. 5th April 2017 This months  Winner : PHIL Brian Paul Barry Keith Competition Subject :  BREWERY VEHICLE Competition Subject : Brewery Vehicle. Competition Winner Dave. Paul Barry Denis Brian Phil Competition Subject :  Model of a vehicle You used to own 2nd August 2017 Competition subject: A manufacturer beginning with                                                              the letter O. Winner  Congratulations Tony. Oxford Diecast Heinkel Trojan 1:18 scale Denis Phil Barry Bills intriguing  model assembled  to represent the vehicles in  the photo Competition Subject :  Anniversary night No competition. 5th JUly 2017 Competition Subject: Model or Toy at least 25 years old. Winner  Geoff Bills offering From Andy P August Details below Andy B Barry Phil Dave Denis Brian ARCHIVES
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