Club Night REMINDERS 3rd MAY 2017 Competition Subject :  Model or toy at least 25 yrs old. 7th JUNE 2017 Competition Subject: Model of a vehicle you used to own. Winner Denis & his Ford Prefect. Paul Phil Barry Tony Bill’s Offering Andy’s Offering Competition subject : Taxi or Private Hire Car. 5th April 2017 This months  Winner : PHIL Brian Paul Barry Keith Competition Subject :  BREWERY VEHICLE Competition Subject : Brewery Vehicle. Competition Winner Dave. Paul Barry Denis Brian Phil Competition Subject :  Model of a vehicle You used to own 2nd August 2017 Competition subject: A manufacturer beginning with                                                              the letter O. Winner  Congratulations Tony. Oxford Diecast Heinkel Trojan 1:18 scale Denis Phil Barry Bills intriguing  model assembled  to represent the vehicles in  the photo Competition Subject :  Anniversary night No competition. 5th JUly 2017 Competition Subject: Model or Toy at least 25 years old. Winner  Geoff Andy B Barry Phil Dave Denis Brian ARCHIVES 1. Club News Bill’s offering Competition Subject :  Steam Powered Vehicle 25th Celebrations Photos of our anniversary meal  at St Elizabeth’s House.
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