HISTORY          of our club

On Sunday the 6th March 1992 a group of men met at the Tamar Bridge St Budeaux Plymouth to travel in a mini bus organised by Dave Foster to the Gloucester Swapmeet. In June the same group made another trip to Gloucester and like the first occasion came home empty handed. It was later agreed by John Parsons, John Brownhill, Mike & Bill Sully, Alan Taylor and Keith Massey to meet at the

Trelawny Community Centre in Ham Drive Plymouth at 7.30pm Wednesday the 2nd September 1992 with the hope of founding a club. On that day those members together with Doug Taylor met and resolved to meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm.In addition they would  elect a steering committee of Chairman John Parsons, Secretary Keith Massey and Treasurer Doug Taylor.

The object of the club was to exchange, buy and sell models as well as  pool information, books and videos on the subject of diecast models.It was also agreed that the members would pay £1 per month towards the room hire of £6.25 and that tea would cost 20p a cup.

Since that historic day in 1992 the club has increased its membership and like most clubs there is an ebb and flow of members over the years with sadly many of our older members passing away.  The club has been active over the years organising our own toy fairs as well as trips to the NEC and other fairs. We have had many guest speakers to the club including Lyndon Davies from Oxford Diecast and Susan Pownall from Corgi.

On the 2nd September 2017 the club reached a significant milestone in its history as it celebrated its 25th Anniversary.

To celebrate, the club held an anniversary meal for its members and guests on the 13th September 2017 at the St Elizabeth’s House Hotel in Plymouth. The club was delighted to welcome as their guests of honour Lyndon and Kate Davies from Oxford Diecast.

 In addition Lyndon and Kate presented each club member with a special Anniversary wrapped model of a maroon Austin Ruby Saloon in 1:43 scale. Only 25 of these have been produced with this wrap. 2018 saw the club welcome five new members. Currently 2019 has been a busy year and our two Toy Fairs have once again been successful.

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