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February Blog
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Welcome to our February blog which of course means that both the London Toy Fair and the much larger Nuremberg Toy Fair have taken place. For those of us who follow the diecast scene it is always an interesting time  and this year is no exception. All eyes were on Corgi’s offering for 2020 and having seen what’s on offer some collectors will be happy and some not so. There is no denying there is a lot of product and having perused  the catalogue from cover to cover it is clear that this represents Corgis best hope to continue on its path to profitability. In a revealing interview with Maz Woolley of Model Auto Review and Lyndon Davies of Hornby at the London Toy Fair it is clear that in order for there to be money available for the high costs of new collectors models there has to be a greater emphasis put on the more popular items in the Corgi range that guarantee a much bigger market, such as TV & Film and the gift market. Read the whole of Maz’s report here.  

The 2020 catalogue reflects this thinking and to that end it succeeds. However tempted we might be to bemoan the lack of new tooling’s, we have to face the hard facts that the collectible market cannot support itself and that Lyndon’s master plan is the only one that makes sense.    

New collectibles to come from Corgi in 2020

Ford Escort RS Collection

Sporting Triumph collection.

Ford Escort Mk4 XR3i Diamond White

Volkswagen Type 2 1500 SP Devon Caravette.

Volkswagen Type 2 Bay Window Devon "New Moonraker"

Triumph TR6. Damson

Mr Bean's Mini - 'Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean'

Harry Potter Hagrid

Motorcyle & Sidecar

Panther Tank – 4th Battalion Coldstream Guards 'Cuckoo', Netherlands 1944/5

Surprise ! Surprise ! New announcement of HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales in 1/1250 scale. Much more to come

Although we have focused on Corgi, there is of course many new announcements from a whole host of other manufacturers many of which will have just been revealed at the Nuremberg fair, so we will do a round up of the highlights next month. In the meantime you can head over to Model Auto Review again for part one of Maz’s London toy fair report for some interesting info and new ranges. I particularly like the models of the Raleigh Chopper bicycle. In addition, the final report from Maz contains a interview with Eloise Davies, daughter of Lyndon, who has taken over the running of Oxford Diecast, and once again the subject of profitability is discussed. There are many new products to come from Oxford and my favourite here is a 1:76 scale scooter. In the past I had mentioned to Taff the possibility of a Mods and Rockers set but at that time I think the bikes may have been a step to far but now with the scooter coming, we are half way there. Who knows, maybe we will see one eventually.

We must have Faith

Hornby Railways are many times larger than the Corgi model sector and its success is crucial to the Hornby revival. So with that in mind it seemed to many that their foray into the world of steampunk models a bit of a gamble in the current economic climate. It is a brave move for sure but I know that Lyndon Davies would have done his homework and that is good enough for me. Click here to read more about what Steampunk is all about.

New Year new challenges.

Expect delays.

It does not take a great deal of working out to see that there will be problems in the manufacturer and despatch of a big percentage of our models due to the Coronavirus epidemic in China.