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October Issue

Well no, but our Autumn Collectors Toy & Train Fair is still worth a visit on Sunday 21st October. You can go to our Events page for all the details. At only £1 admission for adults this has got be the best value toy fair around. We are holding our breath to see what the weather will be as our spring toy fair normally held in fine weather caught everyone off guard when it decided to snow. We decided to carry on and were rewarded with lots of visitors to the show regardless of the weather so if that’s anything to go by, get your T shirt, shorts and sandals at the ready.  

If your reading this then I am guessing that you have some models and that in fact you have too many and are wondering how to scale down a bit. We all have models which we look at and wonder why we bought it in the first place or we may have purchased two of the same model to make sure there was a mint condition one tucked away as an investment. Of course it might simply be that some extra space is required and models have to be sacrificed to achieve this. If this sounds familiar, then why not rent a table or two at our toy fair and convert your models into cash. You can go to our Events page for all the details.

Do we sense the hand of Taff in the announcement that Hornby have signed a deal with Warner Brothers to produce a range of products covering, many of their iconic franchises like Harry Potter, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and the Green Lantern. Hornby will collaborate with Warner Bros to bring these popular characters to their Hornby railway, Scalextric and Corgi stables.

This has got to be very good news for Hornby bringing as it will a new audience to their products and strengthening the brands as they continue their revival. With the first models being showcased at the trade fairs for the toy and hobby industry early next year, there is every hope that 2019 will turn out to be their best year in a long time.  

The greatest show on earth ? Is it time to move some models on. Boost to share price  after announcement.
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