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February Issue

Thanks to the efezone model news for our lead story regarding the model of this iconic bus. What’s not to like, a Routemaster RM model in 1:12 scale, that’s twice the size of Sunstars 1:24 version. Super detail including working headlights and interior lights, detailed engine, working destination blinds, working bell, moveable parts and more. I can almost feel myself reaching for the cheque book. Hold on though you have to build it yourself, well that’s ok I like building models, I'm reaching for my pen now, wait a minute it’s a part work, Ah!. Most of us I suspect are a bit wary of part works for building your own model, we have heard the horror stories, however this company Hatchette Partworks is a new one on me so I should not prejudge. So, down to the nitty gritty, what’s the deal. Deep breath and here we go.

The magazines cost £8.99 per issue although if you subscribe the first two issues are available at the special introductory price £1.99 & £4.99, You will also receive a third free issue. Subscribers will also receive a number of free gifts upon signing up & as the partwork continues. Among these is a replica 1/76th scale Oxford Diecast Routemaster model that comes free with your 9th delivery of four magazines. To be clear, if you do decide to sign up, this partwork is due to run to a whopping 130 issues making the final price of your fully built Routemaster not far short of £1,150. If you sign up today your final issue would arrive in mid 2020!. One other thing, although the scale means that this model will be an eye catcher, you will need to bear in mind that when finished your Routemaster will measure 27.5” long, 8” wide and 14” high so you will need a good size area to display your pride and joy. Personally I have put my cheque book away but if you have the money the time and patience and the space, then you might think differently. If you are interested click on this link to the website at for more details.


Think Routemaster, Think Big, Think again ?

Welcome to our Feb edition of the mag, the main month for trade fairs for the toy and hobby industry.  

Whilst writing this page I heard the sad news that club member Denis had past away. Denis was a long time member and club treasurer before me. Denis was a Morris Minor enthusiast and his model collecting reflected his love of this iconic car. Having a real minor as well, he spent many a happy hour attending vintage fairs and classic car events with his good friend and club member Barry. Denis was a real gentleman and a very popular club member. Denis and Barry were a familiar site at our Toy Fairs manning the doors, greeting the customers and taking the money. We will all miss Denis for sure.


Sad News
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