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November Issue

The clubs Plymouth Collectors Autumn Toy & Train Fair was a success for several reasons. Most important perhaps was the good number of visitors through the door and just as pleasing the mix of ages including families. We were pleased to see our regular visitors again and delighted to greet  many new faces to our fair. Getting people to come to our toy fair is one thing but  making sure they weren't disappointed takes a lot of hard work. We were delighted that we were able to get so many traders with a good mix of products to sell. So thanks to everyone, visitors, stall holders, club members and officials and not forgetting the cafe staff and the Jan Cutting organisation for making the day go so well. We hope we will see everyone on the 24TH March 2019 for our Spring Toy Fair.

It seems to me that the diecast industry is doing ok at present when you look at the number of releases and new announcements that happen on a weekly basis. Even Corgi look to be making headway. There are some cracking models being produced and some pretty unusual models that a few years back would never have made it to the drawing board. Overproducing is almost a thing of the past  and so dumping of stock is again rare.  However there is a snag which we all know is the price of buying a new model these days.

So as a result, is the pre owned market booming . Looks like its ticking away but  not setting the world on fire. There’s a lot of stock out there, particularly some Corgi that is going the way of the Lledo Days Gone models and unless your nearly give it away nobody's buying. That said, there are a lot of interesting models coming up for sale that are worth parting with our hard earnt cash.  

TOY FAIR REPORT Comment announce further releases

Oxford Diecast have announced their latest list of new models in their  Release programme, Release 3  2018. Lots of interesting models including 1:76 scale Austin A40 and a Triumph Mayflower, a 1:50 scale JCB Hydradig and several american cars in 1:87 scale.  

Corgi have posted details & design cells for a new OOC set which will be included in the Jan-Jun 2019 catalogue.

The set will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and will feature two Go Ahead Group vehicles which received special liveries to mark this milestone.

The first model will depict Go Ahead North East's Wright Gemini Eclipse 2 NL63 XCB (6117) and will have destinations for service 309 to Newcastle. This bus carries a black, red & gold livery.

Model two will feature Go Ahead London's New Routemaster LTZ 1394 (LT394) on route 15 to Tower Hill. This model has a yellow, black, red & gold livery that includes a image of a member of the regiment in full combat gear on the rear.

A detailed history of the Regiment along with design cells for both models has been included in the latest edition of the Diecast Diaries Blog on the Corgi Website.

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