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December Issue

         Does your diecast tell a story.

While browsing the Vectis Auctions site for our Auction News I was reminded how many collections are being sold. Of course this is what keeps the pre owned sector going, but I could not help but reflect on the main reasons these collections come to market. In addition, imagine the stories, the history these models could tell. Many collections represent a lifetime of collecting and, well, a lifetime. At the very least a model might represent a time and place of purchase and followed by associated memories. Then there’s the reason for buying that particular piece and then you have another story maybe exciting, maybe sad, and probably interesting, snapshots of a life. My collection of models is very small but even so do reflect moments of my life just like a diary. Perhaps when you have time you might like to take another look at your collection.

Its superb but is it Art ?

The subject of this months Feature is the stunning model from CMC of the Jaguar C type in 1:18 scale. Consisting of 1,155 parts this model really is a work of art.

Definition of ART.

The conscious use

 of the imagination

 in the production

of objects intended

to be contemplated

or appreciated as

beautiful, as in the

arrangement of

forms, sounds, or words.   Ain’t that the truth.

I have to say that I have on occasions confessed to some members of our club that up to when I became manager of Antics model shop in Plymouth the world of models had passed me by, what with bringing up a family and earning a living, something I think that a lot of people can relate to. Having worked in retail most of my life, the model trade was a bit of an eye opener. Had I at the time of getting the job already been a modeller or collector it would have seemed like the dream job, but at the time I viewed it as another retail job, just different merchandise to what I was used to. To some degree this was true but the big difference was the customers were so enthusiastic about their hobby and their knowledge and experience so great that it inspired you to know more. Nowhere was this passion more obvious than the diecast collectors. I am sure that had I not gone to work in a model shop I would not have rediscovered diecast models. I am so glad I did as over the last 28 yrs I have made many friends both working in the shop and becoming a member of the Plymouth Diecast Club. To all our members and collectors everywhere, Happy Christmas.      

Rediscovering Diecast

Welcome to our last edition of 2018
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