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Not so much playing as restoring. Click the title above to read an interesting article courtesy of Model Auto Review.


Read about the latest Oxford Diecast new product preview and also why its often a long & winding road to a new model release. Click here to read.

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December Blog

There are some great value models out there this Christmas. There is no disputing that for good models at an affordable price, Burago take some beating.


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In a recent article by Maz Woolley of Model Auto Review he touched on the age old problem of what to to do with collections when their owners have passed on. One of the solutions mentioned was the benefit of being a member of a club. The relevant passage was :  Relatives of members of Model Clubs may find that other members will help them, another reason to join one perhaps? A bonus to add to the enjoyment of meeting with other enthusiasts. Here at the Plymouth Diecast Model Collectors Club we are only to aware of the truth of that statement.  

With the present buying season well and truly under way I feel the need to caution anyone out there that is contemplating giving a surprise present, particularly to a spouse or partner. Based upon my experience as a model shop manager I have witnessed the aftermath of such action. My advice is never go down that particular road unless you want to risk a row on Christmas morning. Young ladies might think that getting an Airfix kit for their partner might be a good idea based on the fact that he is  good at building things, but if it was an extension and patio that he built it doesn't necessarily follow that he will enjoy gluing lots of tiny fiddley plastic bits together. Similarly, buying a diecast model of his favourite super car because he will never be able to afford the real thing might not go down to well either. So, to give the perfect model related gift, make sure you discuss exactly what your partner wants before you go shopping. This will also save the busy shopkeeper a lot of stress further down the line. Happy Christmas.      

Beware giving the surprise present Great value models this Christmas

This 1:18 scale model from Burago of the Bugatti Divo is super value at the RRP of £44.99.

Burago’s 1:18 scale Ferrari SF90 as driven by Sebastian Vettel in the 2019 F1 season. Great value at £69.99.

This Cararama Volvo NH12 Fridge Coca Cola is good value to at £24.95.

This is of course the last blog of 2019 and in many respects there has not been to much to get excited about in the world of diecast this year. One of the most worrying things is the lack of any news from Corgi regarding future models. There are lots of loyal Corgi customers who have stood by them during the difficult times and I think they deserve to be informed. It is over a year ago that Lyndon Davies announced the Licensing deal with Warner brothers and said that there would be more information at the  2019 trade shows. To my knowledge we have not heard a peep since. It would be a nice gesture if Corgi released some forthcoming product information before Christmas so we have something positive to look forward to in 2020. Come on Corgi its not much to ask is it ?. FOONOTE :  Since writing the above I have read in Model Collector mag that they will be meeting up with Corgi in late December to see the new range for 2020. We will not be privy to this until the Feb edition comes out towards the end of January. Lets hope its worth waiting for.

Last Blog of the year

How many of us are getting a new addition to our collection this Christmas.

To all club members and families and  Collectors everywhere, Best Wishes for a  Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. A nice Christmas bonus

New world record for a Mattel He-Man Masters of the Universe Heroic Warriors pack at Vectis Auctions.

 The 3-pack (lot 6098), containing He-Man, Teela and Ram Man in mint condition had an estimate of between £800 - £1200. When the hammer finally dropped it realised £12,000 (incl. Buyer’s Premium), potentially a new world record! Why did I get rid of my son’s MOTU figures, hey ho.