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October Issue

I had always had it in my mind that as a child I only had a few diecast toys to play with, but over the last twenty years or so since I became interested in diecast it is clear to me that this was not the case. Looking at magazine articles, auction sites, toy fairs ect, I keep coming across models from my childhood, but had long forgot. I have very few now, a fire engine, army lorry, racing car and that's about it. So, I estimate that there must be at least twenty models that have been lost in the mists of time, were did they go. It is true that I liked to swap things with my friend and Sunday afternoon after Sunday school was the best time. My mother did not altogether approve of my swapping and I remember one instance when I acquired a wind up gramophone with trumpet in exchange for a miniature building set. I must have had it for all of thirty minutes before my mother discovered it and made me re swap it. It is also true that I liked to take my toys outside and play with them in the garden so it is highly likely that some are buried in the soil waiting to be discovered by another generation or even race. As for the rest, your guess is as good as mine. See the survivors below.

We have recently reported that there were signs that Hornby were making real progress towards turning their financial situation around. Recently they announced the following :  Hornby, the international models and collectibles group, announced that for the period from the 1st April to the 31st August 2019, sales and margins were higher than the previous year and were in line with internal budgets.

The company said that the outcome for the full year is subject to the sales rate over the key Christmas trading period.

Hornby is mindful of potential supply disruption if/when the UK leaves the EU and started Brexit preparations last year.

So they are indeed on target to date but with challenging times ahead. Apart from the above I have been looking for signs that reflect the new optimism and one of the best indicators is the product offering and in particular NEW product. It is normally about this time that we get the Corgi July to December catalogue but it was noticeable that the earlier catalogue did not have January to June on it so perhaps that’s it for this year folks. There is by my reckoning approximately 48 more items to come from the current catalogue all be it some are the kiddies toys. Just a thought but maybe there will be a mini catalogue for Christmas. Finally, the exciting news that Hornby had signed a licensing deal with Warner Brothers to produce popular products like Harry Potter and DC’s Super Heroes, has to date been disappointing to say the least with precious little information forthcoming.     

Looking for signs Lost in the past
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