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July Issue

Whilst there is no denying that there is so much information on the Internet covering just about every subject under the sun, including diecast I would certainly recommend getting one of the monthly diecast magazines as well. There is something much more relaxing about sitting down with your favourite mag and browsing the pages. My favourite is Model Collector which is full of reviews and interesting articles. I particularly like Dom’s New Release review page and the fact that each model is rated out of ten. It is an indication of the quality and detail of today's models that there are few low scores. For someone new to diecast collecting I would certainly recommend a visit to W H Smiths to peruse the diecast mags. One of the articles in the July issue of Model Collector features a new truck release.   

Mags are great !

Travis Perkins, the UK’s largest supplier of building materials, has a new truck in its fleet. The Scania dropside rigid truck comes with crane and has been customised in company’s latest livery. It features a working crane, opening dropsides and pull down hydraulic ram stabilisers at the rear of the truck, and comes complete with 4 pallets and pallet fork attachment for the crane.

At 1:25 scale, however, these are in fact all ‘play’ features on a customised model toy truck that has been manufactured for Search Impex for model enthusiasts.

With more than 4,000 HGVs in its fleet, the Travis Perkins trucks are a familiar sight, and these model trucks are popular amongst collectors throughout the UK and are likely to be snapped up quickly.

Anyone interested in purchasing a model should contact a South East branch of Travis Perkins for details of availability. The model has been produced exclusively for Search Impex by Finnish manufacturers Emek, who are known for producing larger scale models for younger enthusiasts. Although it doesn't say, given the scale and manufacturer I would guess it is made in plastic. Check before you buy.  


NEW Announcement

Minichamps have just released this 1:18 scale resin model of the Reynard F903 as driven by the 1990 German F3 champion, Michael Schumacher. Such is the interest in this model that Minichamps have sold out. At the time of writing this, some Uk retailers like Diecast Legends have very limited stocks.

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