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MAY Issue

 Some years back whilst working at antics model shop in Plymouth I would often hear customers say when purchasing a diecast model car “ I will never be able to afford the real thing but at least I can afford the model”. I am sure that today that phrase is not so common given the fact that many of the new releases, particularly the resin models are not affordable for most of us except perhaps as a special occasion present, and even then some models are still out of reach. I know this is a theme I return to often but it is so frustrating for the average collector to see a model they have been waiting to see released only to find that when it finally gets announced it’s £200 plus. This is particularly true of motor sport and supercar models, especially in 1:18 scale.

Like we have seen a downturn in the 1:50 truck market the same is happening to the 1:18 scale car models. Is it any wonder when you see models like those shown below.    

Jim Clark’s Lotus 40 from Tecnomodel in  1:18 scale, yours for £249.99. Tecnomodel’s McLaren Senna Hypercar in 1:18 scale, yours for £379.99

Its not all bad though and my manufacturer of the month goes to Norev for not only giving us some reasonably priced models but also for producing some everyday models of the sort that we may have owned or driven. A case in point is the 1:43 scale Norev Dacia Duster.

What Next.

I see that BBR are bringing out a 1:18 scale Ferrari 250 GTO Rain Effect version, so the model comes with a rain drop finish all over the bodywork and windows. Will this catch on encouraging other versions, maybe Sleet, Hail, Snow, Dust, Mud, or Volcanic Ash to name but a few. I should point out that the rain version retails at £399.99, maybe not then.

BBR Rain Effect version but you wont  get your hands wet. Disappointing Corgi

Having contacted Corgi via our clubs Twitter page regarding  the lack of news regarding the licensing agreement with Warner Brothers, I was excited to get a prompt reply telling me that there were 3 new Harry Potter models in the 2019 range due for release this summer and giving me a link to their website. My excitement was short lived however when I discovered that these were subjects that have been done previously. More disappointing was the fact that there was no mention of the other franchises, in particular the DC Super Hero figures which a lot of fans will be waiting for.     

Announcement (Announcement Courtesy of Diecast Legends) Those days are gone
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